About the Iron Griz

This is a place where your food is grown close to home and served close to home.


Beyond what we harvest from our garden out front (pictured), the majority of our ingredients, beer and wine are sourced from Montana and the Northwest.

We invest in our local agricultural economy and support those producers committed to sustainable practices. By making this investment, we are helping to secure the future of farming and agriculture here in Montana. The results are delicious!


We also support our local college students by hiring them as our servers and cooks. Providing real world job experience, in addition to lessons in hospitality and customer service, will benefit our graduating staff members in any path they choose to follow.


Enjoy the fireplace in the winter, the patio in the summer and the view all year round.


Our Chef

While our chef may have been born in St. Louis, his heart has been in Missoula ever since his college days at the University of Montana. Jesse Mayer is truly living his dream: to be a chef at a farm-to-table restaurant in his favorite town.

Jesse has a very eclectic culinary background. He cut his teeth on farm-to-table cuisine at Clark Lewis in Portland before heading up Highway 200 to be the sous chef at Paws Up. Most recently, he helped open a major Tex-Mex operation in his hometown of St. Louis.

As Jesse’s menus change seasonally here at The Iron Griz, you can rest easy that you will always find his love of bold flavors and bright colors.

Dave Oien of Timeless Seeds inspects the South Ave. Garden.

Sustainability & Food Security

Food is at the core of the human experience, and the social, environmental and economic issues surrounding how we purchase, prepare and consume food touch everyone. Just Eats is about looking critically at our role in the food system and striving to create positive impacts whenever possible. From supporting local farmers and ranchers through our purchases, to minimizing the waste associated with our operations, we’re challenging ourselves every day to help create positive change in our community and our food system.


Our chef preparing a slalad